6 Tips for Getting Started on your Fitness Journey - By Selina Wright (Personal Trainer)

Everyone has been there at some point – starting on a fitness program. Sometimes it can seem daunting getting started.  How to start?  Where to start?  When is the right time to start?  Sometimes the over-analysis on getting everything ‘perfect’ before starting can lead to Analysis Paralysis!

 So here are some simple tips to get you on your way…


Don’t keep putting it off.  Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect. They never will be. There’s never going to be a ‘good’ time, when everything is in order in your life - when the kids are at school, when the house has been renovated, or when the dishes have been done!  It’s called life and life happens!  The tip is to fit it into your current lifestyle and make the time.  Instead of watching TV, or scrolling social media, spend that time moving. It’s all these small moments that are making up your LIFE. Moments you are never, ever going to get back again.  Why wait any longer to be living the healthiest, fittest and most energetic life you can?


Don't compare yourself to anyone else!  You are starting where YOU are starting.  Train how you can at your own pace.  Everyone starts somewhere and nobody is judging you or your fitness level. Everyone has been the "first-timer" at some stage so they totally understand how you feel.  In fact even if they don’t tell you, they are probably silently cheering you on!!   The fittest, fastest, strongest person you see – they all started at the beginning too.


We want it all and we want it NOW!  Transformations and life-long changes can be testing.  You will be sore for the first few weeks but it will get better and the more consistent you are the faster your body will adjust and you'll see results sooner too.  And with consistency comes patience!   You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – this goes for your health / fitness / body goals as well.  You have to remember that it took time to get where you currently are now… it’s going to take time to get to where you want to be.  It’s sad when people aren't seeing results as fast as they'd like so they just quit. Quitting is guaranteed to get you nowhere.  Keep doing small things every day.  String the days together with consistency and that's what leads to big results.


Plan ahead – we are all busy these days and juggling so many balls!  If you are serious about the fitness and health results you want, you will have to MAKE time to exercise.  You will never just “find” it.  It needs to be scheduled as a priority.  If that means you wake up a little earlier in the morning, that’s what you have to do.  You’ll find you have more energy during the day – BONUS!  IF you have to exercise on your lunch break, plan to take appropriate training gear. Or maybe once the kids are in bed you do a workout in your garage?  It’s all possible with a bit or preparation!


Fuel your body with what it needs – not what your taste buds want!!  In short, cut the junk from your diet.  Start by cutting back on any of your must-have but not-so-good-for-you foods, and then have them as a treat only.  90% of your fitness results come from correct dietary choices, so fuel your body appropriately.   You cannot out-train a bad diet J


Your body needs to be fully hydrated to be working at its optimal efficiency J A good start is a minimum of two litres of water each day, but aim for THREE.  It may take some adjustment for your bladder (hello bathroom!), but once your body is used to it, it will crave the water.  Carry a bottle with you everywhere you go.

BONUS TIP - Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!  Don’t place too much pressure on yourself, get up, show up and do the work.  Enjoy the process!


Before starting any exercise regime for the first time, it’s advisable to have a doctor’s check-up and clearance, especially if you have any conditions that may require it.   Regular check-ups are also important so you know where you are at with your health.

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By Selina Wright

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